Tuesday, 11 May 2010

seven point evaluation Q4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

To establish a target audience I researched using a survey asking different people the same simple questions.

Our website obviously already has a target audience of drug abusers or anyone being effected by drugs however we wanted to gain a more in depth insight into there attitudes and morals.

I could already see how other similar drug help or information websites such as “Talk to Frank” had reacted to there target audience by making the website very interactive and colourful. I have tried to base my own product around this and think I have done a relatively good job however I would have liked to be able to make it much more interactive but didn’t have the time for such tasks.

I have made the website feel warm and inviting with my simple colour scheme and easy accessible layout. I think these features reflect the audience’s needs and need for information on drugs. Of course the main aim of the website is to get help to people who most need it but also get as much donations as possible so I have had to carefully balance these two needs with the content of the site.

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