Tuesday, 11 May 2010

seven point evaluation Q2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The Drug Stop is aimed at people with either an addiction to drugs or people that want to help our aims. The social groups I am aiming my media product at are age and class. As I have already shown I have tried to keep my audience range as wide as possible so I can reach lots of people who have been affected by drugs. The social demographics I am mostly aimed at are C2, D and E these social grades are at the lower end of the spectrum and stereotypically more prone to drug use.

My product is simple and user friendly in every way I have used a large link bar at the top of the page. I have made my home page have an interactive centre point that is the picture slideshow; this gives the audience a clear idea of what drugs can do and how they can affect your life.

I would say that the site has a fair ratio of images to text however when I conducted my survey I got a high percentage of people who said that visual content is preferred to text. Even though I probably should have used more images I think I have appealed to a wider audience by using more text than I had originally planned.

The language I used in my website had to appeal to my target audience if the language was to intelligent it may not be understood by all however if the language is simple but mot undermining the audiences intelligence it will be much more appreciated by the audience.

Furthermore my website includes a video based on a personal testimonial of a previous drug addict. The video gives us an opinion of the charity and site and may improve the audience’s attitudes toward the charity.

In conclusion to the question I have tried to mainly aim my product at lower class people in the C2, D and E demographics.

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